Rajasinghe Vascular Research And Education Foundation, Inc. it´s an initiative I have been working since the year 2014 and it is something I feel very passionate and committed about.

I know how though medical school can be, not only taking in perspective all the effort it implies, but also the financial challenges an average medicine student may face.

That is why I decided, with the help of some close colleagues, to run a foundation focused on helping talented and high potential students through scholarships and other types of support underserved children and youngsters in the Collier County to help them in their path in careers related with science and medicine.

We will be looking to make alliances with other non-profit organizations and institutions that are focused, solely, in educational and charitable purposes.

Also, we will looking to provide internships and/or volunteer opportunities for some of such students. All aiming to bring the best practical experience possible for the future medical students who will bring a positive impact in our society.

This a videos from Duke medical students expressing their gratitude at the Duke Medical Annual Fund.

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