Varicose veins early symptoms

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If you are looking for varicose veins (VV) and its early symptoms I can give you some info.


It is all related with high blood pressure in your superficial leg veins.

It you are suspicious you might suffer this condition, check your family history. There are high chances of you experiencing varicose veins if someone or several members of your family suffer it.

Lack of physical exercise, over weight and a sedentary way of life facilitates and increase the chances of you suffering varicose veins. Also, Deep Vein Thrombosis is a factor that influences VV.

According to, women are more likely to develop this condition.

Varicose veins early symptoms

The first signals you need to look for are: constant feeling of heaviness in your legs. Also, some leg ache. Watch out for night cramps, it is not only the pain they bring, but a feeling of mental tiredness cause by the lack of proper sleeping. It is not only the physical element you need to think about, your mind will be also stress out by this new situation.

The skin of your legs might change its natural color as well. Formation of sores should be expected.


As a vascular surgeon, I make some questions to get to know more about your medical history. Then, a physical exam is performed. Mainly, I have to look at your superficial veins, to check for their color and texture.

It there is not an early treatment, the chances of your condition to get worse is much higher.

One easy treatment is to prop your feet up above the level of your heart 3 to 4 times every day. The use of compression stockings is recommended if you are in an advance stage. This option can play out to be very effective. Also, it can be something to wear for life.

If the previous treatments fail, there might be the need for a minimally invasive treatment, depending the condition of your varicose veins.

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