My Social Media Profiles

To avoid any kind of misrepresentation regarding my name I want my patients to know which my official social media profiles are:

Doximity: one of the biggest healthcare professionals network in the country.

Youtube: I use this network to upload videos with patient testimonials about new procedures.

Dailymotion: This is another video social network I use to share some videos about my practice.

Linkedin: The greatest professional network in the world. I use it to keep in touch with colleagues.

Researchgate: I use this platform to upload many of my academic papers.

DevianArt: I like this network to keep track of beautiful images.

Academia: This is another network I use to upload some research papers.

Tumblr: this is an old blogging account I opened long ago, but I like to keep track of it.

Crunchbase: this is another business network I like to keep track of.

Facebook: this is my official account for the biggest social network in the world.

Onlineprnews: Press release service I use in different occasions.

Soundcloud: This is a profile I opened to enjoy some relaxing tracks.

Naymz: social media reputation management tool.

I will keep updating new profiles on different social networks as they are created.



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